Equipment function and introduction
On-line automatic cutting edge.
1, short components into short out.
2, automatic for laminated spare accessories cutting around the component.
3, long, short and quick adjustment, sucker HuanXing quickly and easily.
4, square loop cutting at the same time, high efficiency, short beats < 20 s or higher transmission speed (12 m/min).
5, cutter and glass elastic contact, the contact pressure is adjustable, easy to stress.

6, device contains aggregate box, cutting after cutting waste and cleaning for their staff.


Equipment main performance parameter
Is suitable for the component specifications: long (1580-2000) mm x (800-1000) mm wide
Work beat: < 20 seconds
The largest production capacity: > 4320 yuan/day
Online operator: no
Weight: 1250 kg
Rated power (kw) : 1.8 kw
Gas consumption (L/min) : 456 L/min
Pressure (MPa) : 0.6-0.8 MPa
Interface specifications: Φ 12
Noise (dbA) : < 72 db
Overall dimensions (length X width X height) : 2720 mmx1922mmx1220mm
Environmental requirements: temperature: 18 to 30 ℃.

Humidity: < 75% no condensation.


Advantage is introduced
1. Equipment driven by servo motor, chain transmission, linear guide, reach the designated position precision, stable operation, etc.
2. The machine is equipped with security fence, safety protection.
3. Equipment automatic control, the operation does not need human intervention.
4. While working, the component 4 edge to cut cut at the same time, with high efficiency, stability, etc.
5. Set the feed device, prevent waste splash.
6. The blade adopts circular arc edge, cutting clean; Use the blade back corners of blade effectively removed component scrap.
7. The blade structure of quick change, change quickly and easily.