Port automation system

TG remote semi-automatic control system is made up of RTG and local intelligent control terminal, equipment integrated management system (EMS), office, remote control end of a half a intelligent control system.

The equipment of this project is the tyred gantry crane, which is changed from the on-site manual control to the remote semi-automatic remote control. The automated wharf has become a general development trend due to its obvious advantages such as high safety and reliability, high operation efficiency, high site utilization rate, environmental friendliness and low human cost.

The software parameters

Main parameter Settings of ECS:

1. Device IP configuration

2. Camera parameter configuration

3. Remote control equipment configuration

4. Site location configuration

5.RTG vehicle reference value configuration

6.TOS communication interface information configuration

7. Basic system configuration (database, log)

Main parameters of LCT system:

1. Preset shellfish coordinates

2. Camera preset Settings

3. System configuration (camera configuration, data acquisition module information configuration, camera configuration, baseline debugging configuration, floor configuration, automatic operation parameter configuration).

Main parameters of RCT:

1. IP configuration of gantry crane equipment

2. Configuration of camera information

3. Site positioning and configuration

4. Console number configuration

5. IP configuration of console devices

6. Remote control gantry crane number configuration

7. Operation site number configuration

8. System configuration (basic configuration, log configuration, video configuration)

The main function

RTG remote control is mainly divided into three modules: ECS server, LCT local end, RCT operating end.

The software is mainly divided into three parts: ECS server, RCT control end and LCT local end.

ECS service side, TOS terminal information intelligent allocation instruction, and establish the connection with RCT, LCT for console and gantry crane equipment information, through "heartbeat packets" to ensure data integrity and security of the equipment operation, control of RCT and LCT connect and disconnect the request, and the related information to the corresponding equipment, ECS is brain core part of the whole software.

The RCT control end and the operator end can directly operate the connected gantry crane by establishing a connection with LCT. The operation mode is divided and automatic. RCT is the initiator and operator of the control command of the whole software.

The local end of LCT and the local end of gantry crane equipment are responsible for the final action part, and perform relevant actions automatically or manually according to the action command or instruction information given by RCT or ECS. Turn on all its protection and detection functions during the operation of the equipment, and inform ECS and the connected RCT of the operation status of the equipment. The LCT local terminal is the ultimate implementor of the entire software.

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